Six cybersecurity threats the financial services sector faces

Security teams in the financial services sector are experiencing even more exacting demands as they defend their organizations in a world under a new and unexpected threat — a global pandemic, says a new Accenture report, “2020 Future Cyber Threats: The latest extreme but plausible threat scenarios in financial services.” Malicious threat actors are taking […]

UHS Hospitals hit by Ryuk ransomware, forced to shut down systems

Cybersecurity is critically important in the healthcare industry. We’ve all seen the headlines about vulnerabilities disclosed, information leaked, and facilities disabled because of malware. Unfortunately, many organizations have unrealistic expectations of their security teams. These result in missed deadlines, friction with product teams, and an operational model that cannot scale and is ultimately doomed to […]

Cybersecurity is a never-ending chess match requiring a proactive strategy

Proactive cybersecurity programs include comprehensive activities that involve not only the IT and security teams, but also the CEO and boards of directors. Examples of key proactive activities include identifying risk tolerance, defining governance structures, and developing comprehensive security strategies.

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