Ciso as a service

In recent years the world has moved to a new and fascinating medium which is cyber. This world is still in constant development and upgrading procedures and has even taken a place at the heart of many discussions among various giant companies and among the countries of the world and their governments. It was found that cyber is a very large basis for increasing activity, both from a positive point of view, but without a doubt also from a negative point of view – through cyber attacks.

The field of information security in the past may have been associated with a lot of paperwork and protecting physical materials. Today, when all the most important and secret information has been computerized, we see a sharp increase in the need for information security in the cyber world. Accordingly, companies are now required to invest quite a bit in effective and strong information security and for this purpose essential positions and jobs have been created in the giant companies. But, what will private companies – medium and small – do that are unable to offer such a position? The answer to that is ciso service.

what is ciso
CISO is short for Chief Information Security Officer, or in Hebrew – Information Security Manager. As we mentioned, this is a very important position for private and institutional companies, which did not exist in the not too distant past. This is a professional who is simply a must for any business that manages its information computerized, even more so if it is sensitive, military, government, etc. information.

At the same time, because of the prestige and the actual cost of the job, it was found that in order to receive an adequate ciso service, the manager of a certain company will have to pay quite a bit to such a manager and of course to the employees under him, as well as for the required equipment and the relevant software. Exactly for this purpose the Shavit Group established its service: Ciso as a service.

What is a ciso service?
The Shavit group’s solution to the problem we mentioned is actually providing an external and not internal ciso service to any company. Meaning, the company pays for a service external to it, without the need to set up different systems within it, and accordingly without the need for an excessively large financial expenditure.

What does Ciso as a service include?
As part of the service, whose name is Ciso as a service, you will receive the following services, along with many others:

– Policy establishment: Shavit Group will not only provide you with protection against attacks, but also planning and preparation for any scenario. Meaning, it is important for the company to also focus on a long-term vision and the establishment of a defense system, and not just extinguishing spot fires. Establishing a policy, defense system and risk assessment, allow us to prevent attacks.

– Supply chain inspection: Of course, it is very important to protect the information that exists in the company’s networks, but it is equally important to carry out an external control in relation to the professionals we work with. Ciso as a service also takes care of this front, in which your suppliers will be checked and your computerized supply chain will also be protected.

– Hand on the pulse: As mentioned, the purpose of Ciso as a service is to protect you, and therefore Shavit Group is very aware of the importance of upgrading and renewal. Therefore, not only does it make sure to update its service in accordance with the protection standards used in Israel and around the world, but it also makes frequent checks on the various systems, in order to prevent possible damages, along with specific treatment of cyber problems.

In conclusion
It is impossible to ignore the fact that cyber is a part of our lives and will continue to be so significantly, probably permanently. But, even if we own a relatively small company, this does not mean that we do not have the authority to protect ourselves and that is exactly why ciso as a service was established. The purpose of this service is to provide a ciso service externally to the company, thereby saving you costs, but providing you with all the service required in cyber security.

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