Cyber College


Should you study at See-Cyber College?

There are many places to learn Cybersecurity, but only at See-Cyber College you will get all the benefits you need for a safe future in the Hi-Tech industry, including more than 100 hours of work
experience in a leading Cybersecurity company!

The best lecturers in the industry

Certificate from the Ministry of Labor

106 hours of real work experience during the course

See-Cyber College is owned by a Cybersecurity company

A unique simulator for practicing real cyber situations

Full supervision by the Ministry of Labor

Full training for job interviews with real simulations

Outstanding graduates will be hired after the course

Especially adapted for those who want to enter the hi-tech world without prior knowledge.

Relevant to the contemporary requirements of the technological market in Israel and the world.

Including a variety of professions in the most sought-after and advanced technologies in the industry today.

Encompasses broad professional knowledge and familiarity with software, tools and platforms that will open a door for you to the job market.

training courses
to the hi-tech world

Your career in hi-tech starts here and now!
Today more than ever, with proper professional training that provides practical tools and meets market’s requirements, it is easier to be accepted for attractive key positions in the coveted industry.

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