Information security management

Information security management in a company begins with professional

The fear that companies and organizations in Israel and the world have
about cyber hacks is indeed realistic and you can see how small and large
companies have been harmed in recent years by cyber attacks and
ransom demands. Through an information security officer for
organizations, you can manage all of your company’s information security
through one entity that manages various communication channels with the
regulatory bodies in Israel and abroad and with your employees in order to
build a more efficient classification of information belonging to your
company or organization. The goal is to bring better security to the
company’s information systems on the one hand and the possibility of
providing your employees with access to information and data on the

Data management and classification with an information security officer
The information security officer has a very important role in any
organization or company and works closely with experts in the field of
penetration testing, most of whom come with a background as hackers.
Penetration Tests examine the effectiveness of your organization’s
information security through mock attempts to perform cyber hacks on
your system. The tests identify failures in information security and
loopholes that allow the leakage of information and data important to the
company such as information about products under development,
information about employees, customers, suppliers and business entities.
The person in charge of information security manages the penetration
tests and acts professionally according to the ordered reports received
after the tests have been performed.

The importance of information security in society
Besides protecting business data that can harm your company if it reaches
external parties, information security management significantly reduces
the possibility that your company or organization will be sued after private

information has leaked out. If you store information about customers,
employees and suppliers, you are required to protect the privacy of their
information by law and to the extent that private and personal information
is exposed to the general public, you will be exposed to lawsuits.

Information security officer for organizations from an external company
For more information about the role of an information security officer for
organizations and how he can help you in maintaining your information
systems, contact Shavit Group, which provides hundreds of companies
and organizations in Israel with information security officer services with a
professional and skilled team of the best in the cyber field. The company
has been operating in the field for over 2 decades continuously and uses
today’s leading platforms for information security management.

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