information security officer

Using the services of an information security officer for optimal information
The data and information that an organization has is its most valuable
resource and it is important to protect it in the best possible way. At a time
when the personal information of any organization is exposed to incidents
of hacking and theft, there is a great responsibility for the holders of the
information to do everything to protect the privacy of customers or
employees, and also to notify when necessary of any action to increase
trust and save worries. The purpose of the services of an information
security and privacy officer is to ensure that the organization complies with
the binding regulations and to link the organization with the regulator,
customers and suppliers. The obligation of such an appointment depends
on whether the company keeps information about citizens and to what
extent. To know if your company is committed to this, you can consult our
team of experts.

What is an information security officer?
This is an expert professional in information and cyber security who
manages the information in a computerized manner and works to maintain
and protect the information existing in the company’s systems. The
supervisor will ensure that various comprehensive tests are carried out to
locate weak points and technological loopholes in the security systems
through planned and controlled attacks carried out by hackers. In this way,
the supervisor will work to strengthen the security and information systems
of the organization to prevent hacking and information leaks.

The duties of an information security officer for organizations
By definition, the information security officer is the link between the
company and regulators from Israel and the world in the field of data
protection. The supervisor must make sure that the company properly
manages its obligations according to European regulation laws and
privacy protection laws. As part of the services of an information security
officer, we will provide you with protection against attacks along with
planning and preparation in advance for any eventuality. Beyond data

protection, we will check your suppliers and protect the computerized
supply chain.

In conclusion – the services of a professional information security officer
will save you worries
Our company has a lot of experience and reputation in the field of
information systems security. We will provide you with a team of experts
experienced in providing the services of an information security officer – for
optimal information protection. Our professional experts will use a variety
of measures while performing unique tests to optimally protect your
databases. So you have nothing more to worry about – an information
security officer for organizations will use the most effective tools so that
you can improve and fix weak points and loopholes in your organization’s
information security systems. Leave details here and we will contact you
as soon as possible to arrange a meeting and a price quote

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