Sometimes the danger can come from within your business. Although it’s very hard to figure out where it comes from right away, you need to realize that there are situations when one of your team members might be the one behind any attacks. Which is why Shavit Security is here to protect all your information and data from any sabotage or attacks that might appear out of nowhere. 

Identifying any signs of insider threat

It can be difficult to figure those things out yourself, which is why we can do that for you. First, we analyze the traffic, who accessed sensitive content and who has credentials to do that. We will also see how any safeguards were bypassed and understand what improvements need to be made to your security system. 

Once that is done, we will lower your exposure by making it easy to secure and govern data, while also limiting access to every solution. In addition, we help you create backups for all your data. Thanks to our unique service, you get to identify the signs of insider threat before they will occur. 

It’s never easy to deal with insider attacks, and this lowers the trust you have in many of your employees. But you don’t have to go through this alone. Our team of experts is here to assist with state of the art, outstanding solutions that will help make the process better and more convenient than ever. If you want to keep your organization away from any harm, then we are here to help. You can finally stay away from insider threats or anything similar, thanks to our state of the art solutions and experience in the industry. If you believe you might be dealing with insider threats or you want to prevent that, contact us today!

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