Hacking into your organization’s computer system is one of the worst-case scenarios that can occur. Every organization has valuable business information and many will be happy to get their hands on that information. These could be business competitors who would use the information, or hackers who would maliciously use personal information. Hacking into your organization’s computer systems also creates image damage and damages the trust that customers give you.

Many of the attacks are also carried out on ideological/political/business grounds. We usually think of the organizational computer systems only from the point of view of maintaining business information, but we must not forget that in many cases computer systems control different infrastructures. 

For example, computer systems can control important manufacturing processes and infrastructures. Whoever gains control of a factory’s computer system can disrupt the assembly line, whoever gains control of an airport’s control systems can cause bruises that will cost lives. Cybersecurity should not be underestimated, cyber threats are a security threat.

Preventive CyberSecurity

Malicious intrusion into your organization’s computer system can do a lot of damage. You don’t want to wait for that to happen to identify how vulnerable you are and how vulnerable you are. For this reason, as part of Shavit Group’s cyber services, we make intrusion attempts into your computer systems.

Our cyber experts will try to find weaknesses by infiltrating your computer system. Not with the intention of stealing information or damaging you, English translation.

But with the intention of finding the vulnerability of your computer system and closing any breaches that may be detected in the system. Our cyber experts are familiar with all hacker practices and will try every possible way to penetrate your computer networks. The purpose of this intrusion, which simulates a real cyberattack, is to put the system to the test and identify loopholes. At the end of the work, we produce a detailed report on all the system’s weaknesses, the potential for danger, and the steps to take to secure the computer systems in the organization. Only after we identify the weaknesses can we build an effective defense system.

There are several options for providing resilience testing and risk survey services to organizations.

  1. Infrastructure resilience test (internal) – carried out from within the organization, by an organizational computer connected to the network, and the goal is to simulate an attack from within the organization towards the servers, endpoints, various interfaces, firewalls and other equipment in order to gain access from an administrator and thus gain control The entire corporate network, the organizational policy, the users and everything that the administrator can do. In this test we exceed weaknesses in the enterprise operating systems, weaknesses in the organizational policy, hardening of all end stations and servers, testing Network protocols with security breaches, dividing the network by various attributions (managers, finances, employees, secretaries, etc.), mapping the entire network, mapping all users, accessing user permissions, and more. This test also simulates an attack by a “disgruntled or vindictive employee” who still works for the company – here we discover everything he can do if he wants to damage the organization. As part of this test, we will also conduct a comprehensive test of the wireless network in the organization, while checking the strength of passwords, encryption, wi-fi impersonation, multiple MAC addresses and deception, checking wi-fi access to all of your organization’s stations and servers. In addition, sniffing checks on the wireless network, locating cellular devices of employees and managers connected to that network, and leaking information from those devices.
  2. An app resilience test – scanning all enterprise applications – includes monitoring security breaches on websites, active and inactive WEB interfaces of the organization, WEB applications for various types of operating systems such as: Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Very relevant too Cloud-managed ERP systems, ERP systems that run within your organization but have access to users outside your organization, web-facing databases, and any app that has access from the organization out and out of the organization.
  3. An external resilience test (BLACKBOX) – carried out outside the organization – in an attempt to identify security breaches in the organization from the perspective of a hacker who aims to break into the organization – and everything that hacker manages to see and identify – this is how we expose the weaknesses and the level of risk the organization is at. All resilience tests include a detailed report that reveals all the security breaches and weaknesses discovered. Recommendations will also be given to improve security.

Finding company vulnerabilities can be very difficult, and that’s why you need support and assistance from a dedicated team. That’s where the Penetration Testing solutions come into play. We created this service to bring in front some of the highest quality protective solutions on the market. Thanks to Penetration Testing, you will identify which are the current vulnerabilities your business has, and how you can deal with them as fast as possible.

How does it work?

The Penetration Testing service is very simple to use. All you need is to contact us, and then we will assess your current security system. After that, we start the Penetration Testing process which will target a variety of known security flaws and problems. What makes our approach unique is that we are always up to date with the latest security issues and breaches. As a result, we provide a very expansive, broad Penetration Testing solution that will cover each one of your business requirements. 

Why choose us?

The Shavit team has more than 25 years of experience in this field. On top of that, we are heavily trained professionals and we are always committed to offer our customers the best experience, while always surpassing their expectations. On top of that, we are constantly updating our knowledge and expertise with the best tools and latest information on the market. Moreover, we are expert communicators, and that makes it easy to connect with us and stay updated with everything.

We encourage you to contact us right away if you want outstanding, reliable and fast Penetration Testing solutions. Contact us today for any inquiry!