TSCM &Cyber technical specification investigation.

A Technical Threat Analysis (TTA).

A Technical Threat Analysis (TTA) that includes identification of parties who may wish to illegally eavesdrop on the site location in order to access confidential or information not available to the general public.

RF investigation. (AUDIO&VIDEO)

In aim to locate and find transmitters in varieties mode such as:


In wide and variety method of modulation such as:

Analog (AM, FM, PM)

Digital (ASK, FSK, PSK, QSK, WIFI, GSM, 3G,4G, CDMA, Bluetooth)

Spread-spectrum and frequency-hopping.

RF VLF investigation.

In aim to locate VLF transmitters.

Include electricity, telecommunication, and free wires.

RF ELF investigation

In aim to locate sources of leakage of the magnetic field.

Laser and IR investigation.

From the site out from out in.

AUX investigation.

In aim to find any bypass telephones microphone,

GSM 3G 4G 5G investigation.

In aim to locate GSM transmitters in standby mode.

WIFI investigation.

In aim to monitor and locate suspicions Devices and SSID & interceptors.

IOT investigation (Z wave + Zigbee).

In order to understand the capabilities and features of the system, and locate suspicions devices.


Ultrasonic investigation

In aim to locate ultrasonic site “natural” leakage and ultrasonic attack transmitters.

Bluetooth investigation

In aim to locate Blue tooth suspicious devices & interceptors.


Physical investigation.

In aim to locate threats such as: hidden tape recorders, hidden microphones (coil, optic, acoustic, fiber), hidden cam, hidden crossing wires, hidden Computerize collect info devices and others.

Producing Action report findings and recommendations.


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