Smart Switchboard for Business

New phone numbers in Israel or abroad

 Option to allocate free Israeli phone numbers to customers. 

Calls can be directed directly to H.I.P. extensions if necessary. 

Phone numbers can be assigned abroad (where possible) for a monthly fee regardless of the geographic location of the organization. 

Working as a local company all over the world! 

Discounted calls to Israel and abroad to make it easier for you 

Discounted call packages for calls in Israel at a price of 5.5 cents per minute of call. Minimum package of 1000 minutes of conversation: 55 NIS. 

A prepaid package of calls abroad (minimum 400 NIS). 

Prices before VAT. 

Record cloud calls for three months

Includes cloud storage or downloading the file to your computer. 

Training measures for employees and verification needs, and documentation in transactions remotely. 

Conference rooms 

Manage multiplayer conversations, regardless of geographic location and any time zone in the world. 

Increase your availability and allow virtual work meetings in any time zone, anywhere, and from any phone. 

HD Call Quality

Call quality without encoders/compressors as in competing companies. 

Professional IVR call router as in a large company 

Customize departments, times, or identify the caller’s number. 

Shortens waiting times and enables accurate and high-quality telephone response. 

You can get an advanced and professional call router with studio recordings (external service). 

If necessary, the router’s capabilities can be extended to collect data from callers and transfer it to customers’ central management software. 

Keeping your phone numbers in Israel 

If there are Israeli phone numbers that want to save them, they can be mobile to our network free of charge. 

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