The world of internet and computer networks always gives us new threats. The hackers will always look for security breaches in any new system and any computer or operating system software. But we cannot afford to play cat-and-mouse games, we must always lead and provide the necessary protection before the act, that is, before hacking into the corporate computer network.

Occasionally we hear about cyberattacks in the media, but it is important to understand that at any given moment there are cyberattacks and only a few receive media exposure. These are real threats and we need to be prepared and know how to deal with them. Network intelligence is one of the most important tools in the field of cybersecurity, English translation. a tool which allows us to be one step ahead of the hackers – this is the tool which allows us to give a real-time answer. No hostile element will alert the organization to a planned cyberattack, so in order not to be surprised, we need to use intelligence tools that will allow us to detect attacks in advance. 

Of course, only a few organizations have the resources to set up a thwarted espionage department that will track every hacker group and its intent. Such a thing requires a tremendous investment of organizational and impractical resources – we need a practical solution that will allow us to carry out the process. Network intelligence gives us the answer. With pattern analysis processes, data mining and more, we can predict cyberattacks even when we have limited resources at our disposal.

The Transition From Response To Initiative

Network intelligence provides you with intelligence protection. The systems we use try to detect patterns of activity and online inseminity to predict cyberattacks. These can be various activities in the “dark” areas of the network, where cyber attacks are coordinated, information exchanges and discussions about security breaches that can eventually lead to an attack. Network Intelligence monitors internet activity in order to extract the information in real time, even before the cyberattacks occur. Network intelligence allows you to transition from responding to cyberattacks to the situation you are initiating. Thanks to Shavit Group’s cyber tools and services, you can respond early to any attack and always be on the safe side. The collection of intelligence information is challenging, but we have the technological knowledge and tools that allow us to search for the information, identify patterns and identify important items of information online. The purpose of the Intelligence and Cyber Reports Service is to provide the company with preliminary information about expected cyberattacks as well as a perspective on the world of BLACK-HAT HACKING and the trafficking of malicious code in a context that specifically poors the organization.

The Intelligence Picture Is Divided Into Six Layers:

  • A state and regional intelligence picture of a general cybercrime.
  • Intelligence picture of the financial arena.
  • Specific intelligence about the organization that includes third-party vendors and service providers.
  • Full details of zero day findings that could exploit vulnerabilities in your organization’s security system.
  • Tracking dark-NET discourse about your organization, managers, employees, suppliers, and so on. Early detection of hackers planning a cyberattack or harming an organization may usually prepare the security system in advance and repel the attack after effective protection of the organization’s weaknesses has been placed in the intelligence picture.
  • Monitoring the email addresses of the company’s employees, in order to locate login data of the above addresses from unknown and/or suspicious sources, including passwords that were leaked to the dark web following cyber scenarios that occurred in the organization.
The collection of information is carried out through manual and automated searches of both deep web and DARK WEB (the dark web), through a dedicated team with a broad reputation on the DARK-NET network specializing in locating intelligence information, locating leaked information, industrial espionage, business intelligence, trafficking organization data such as usernames and passwords, including illegal use of access to the organization’s mail servers and use of employees’ mailboxes. In addition, the reports state whether there is a concern of receding identities and tracing a user from within the organization and using that employee’s existing permissions for illegal purposes and actions against the organization.
 Shavit Security is here to provide you with outstanding web intelligence services that you can always rely on. We have an experience of more than 25 years in the industry, and we can assist you with state of the art web intelligence solutions that are fast, responsive and very professional. We believe it’s very important to access the right data, and with our help and assistance you get to have that at all times. Our commitment is always to professionalism, and we guarantee that you will have an extraordinary experience each time you use our team.

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Getting access to the right data can help your business grow and expand in an appropriate manner. We use the latest technologies on the market to mine and access data you need to grow your company. What makes our service distinct is that we offer data and information to companies all over the world. With the right data mining solutions, it’s easier than ever to access all the benefits and results you want, and we are ready to assist every step of the way. We know that nothing is impossible, and once you work with our team, you will be incredibly happy with the results.

On top of that, we provide very detailed intelligence reports. These reports have all the information acquired from data mining. You can use our reports as a backbone for your upcoming security solutions and framework. Our company is ready to provide comprehensive reports that will make it easier than ever to further improve your systems and take them to the next level. 

In addition, we also gather and retrieve information, and we also identify patterns. These will help you see whether there are patterns, why they exist and how you can implement them wisely for the best results and experience. In the end, the payoff will be great, and the quality itself can be second to none.

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